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How to fake text messages?

Here are the most important things to fake messages and falsify numbers summarized. It's easy to fake numbers; just read the tutorial.

Fake sender and recipient

Sender and recipient shouldn't be the same. This can lead to problems with the delivery of a fake text message.


Avoid same fake messages to the same recipient in a short time. These will be marked as spam and may not be delivered.

Fake sender

It is best that your fake sender has a valid number in the international format. Problems may arise if you only put false names as your fake sender. If you set your fake number manually, please pay attention to the correct international spelling.


Please double check the recipient's number. Fake text messages can only be delivered on real existing numbers. Also pay attention to set the right country.

Can I receive the answer from a fake text?

Yes! We also provide real fake chat conversations. You can add a fake number to your account and start sending and receiving fake messages.

Flash text

Flash text allows you (in most cases) to send full screen real text messages (SMS). A good way to have amazing fun with your contacts. Flash text messages are handled differently regarding recipient operator and smartphone. So in most cases a fake flash text will be:

  1. Delivered directly on full screen
  2. Not stored in the history
  3. Only with a "Dismiss" Button
In the worst case, flash texts will be handled as a regular text messages.

Set time

Optional, set date and time when the recipient should receive your fake text message. You multiple the fun when you sit next to your friends and your fake text pop's up.

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